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The Shoe - "Dead Rabbit Hopes" - Episode 5 - Part 1/2

Let's be real, when you find out about an actor crossing over into music you immediately think, "Oh Jared Leto, why?" But the second you hear The Shoe—made up of Jena Malone (Donnie Darko, The Hunger Games) and multi-instrumentalist Lem Jay—it's clear that this venture is far from an overblown, ego-driven side project. Just watch this rendition of "Dead Rabbit Hopes": Jena's performing curled up in a bathtub for goodness sake. Although Jena's been suffering from what she calls "singing tourettes" for the best part of a decade, it seems with Lem Jay she's found not only a best friend but also a musical match, and together the duo create heart-quiveringly intimate torch tunes. 

Their debut album I'm Okay, will be released on 6/3/14 via Community Records.
With special thanks to The Standard, High Line for allowing us to invade their bathroom.

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