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YG - "Bicken Back Being Bool" (Official Video)

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It's rare you come across a rap album so compete, so self-assured, so willing to make a total sonic statement as YG's My Krazy Life. More than anything—the drum-tight DJ Mustard production, the pop-crossover sensibility, the lived-in feeling that YG's voice gives you—it feels like a new blueprint for West Coast rap. It chases no trends, inventing a few of its own on its way, instead offering a day in the life of a normal dude from the hood. Yeah, he might be in a gang, but it's only to offer him a sense of loyalty and brotherhood. He breaks into houses. He worries about girls. He frets over whether or not his mom is going to be freaked out by what he's doing. No song on the record represents the totality of YG's Compton—er, sorry, Bompton—life as well as "Bicken Back Bein' Bool," the video that Noisey has the pleasure of presenting to the world today.

We don't want to spoil the Alex Nazari-directed video by getting too deep into it, but the clip finds YG and his homies on a typical day on the block, until everything goes to hell. It illustrates the understated artistry of YG's raps better than we ever could.


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