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Slugabed - "Bombok" (Official Video)

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We're incredibly psyched to premiere the video for "Bombok" from British beat-bro Slugabed, not only because it's attached to a completely knocking song, but this might just be the single-greatest music video of all time. It is the alpha and omega of video based augmentations to auditory things. People will write poems about this shit. We don't want to spoil anything, but the video starts with a old, fat, mostly naked dude emerging from underneath a pile of sand like some sort of unholy corpulent beached whale before swimming in the ocean like the truly magical and beautiful being he is, and it just gets weirder from there. Seriously. You owe it to yourself to watch this video. It's just that good.
The track drops next Friday, May 24th on Slugabed's personal label, Activia Benz. 
And if you're in town, check out the Activia Benz release party to be thrown at a secret location in South London on May 24th. Tickets and info here.

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