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Kool & Kass - "Pleasance (WDGAF)" (Official Video)

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Kool A.D. (formerly of Das Racist) and Kassa Overall have teamed up to release the mixtape KOOL & KASS: PEACEFUL SOLUTIONS on April 29th, a "Syncretic supersoul that harnesses the magnimity of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans," according to the artists. Here's the video for lead single, "Pleasance (WDGAF)." 
Stream it here or download it here.
Download the full tape here! KOOL & KASS: PEACEFUL SOLUTIONS
The KOOL & KASS: PEACEFUL SOLUTIONS Mixtape Release Party will be be at Glasslands Gallery in Brooklyn, NY on 4/30. Tecla, who is featured in the video as an actor, is also performing. Get tickets here!
Directed by: ESNAF  
Director of Photography: Rob Leitzell
Art Director: Olga Miasnikova
Editor: Milena Z. Petrovic
Colorist: Jure Terzan / Teleking / www.telekiing.si
Additional Actors: TECLA, Hallie Cooper-­‐Novack, Tijana Masic
Producers: Andrew Briggie & Melissa Currier / EV2BK - www.ev2bk.com
Special thanks to: Goran Šćepanović, Andrej Pralica, Zaga Skerletović
Production house: More Media, EMOTE Productions & EV2BK Productions

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