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JBM - "On Fire On A Tightrope" (Official Premiere)

"On Fire on a Tightrope," the new video from forlorn singer-songwriter Jesse Marchant, a.k.a. JBM, is a moody meditation on loss and love, painting in beautifully atmospheric ghost vocals and flowing shadows. But let's let the artist speak for himself:

"The video, to me, captures a human state of no identity. It is the feeling of looking at distant galaxies or of attempting to look within another person from one's own point of view. It is a look at loss within what still remains and at the blending of what is real and what is not. 
I find that all the people who appear in the video convey a similar emotion that is within that realm. They were not instructed to do so however, or to do anything at all for that matter, so there was a sort of unspoken harmony that occurred and I find that quite special.
I entrusted the whole idea of the thing to the directors, who are dear friends, knowing that their hearts and thoughts would surely be in the right place. I think that they created something quite beautiful which might be best left mostly unexplained, only to be watched and felt and then left alone."
Directed by: Unkwn
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