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Hollerado - "Pick Me Up" (Official Video)

Here's the video for "Pick Me Up" from Hollerado. If the video leaves you scratching your head a little bit, let lead singer Menno Versteeg's explanation guide you:

"Whenever we make a video, we like to use the opportunity to have a new experience. Last time we raced ostriches. This time we wanted to do something a bit easier to do [while] high, so we decided on hot air balloon racing. We went to a hot air balloon festival in the middle of the desert and started asking people to take us up in their balloons. 
Turns out balloonists are an awesome pseudo-cult that get up at 3:30 am, put on weird hats, eat pancakes, fly their balloons around for an hour, and then get totally blasted in a field together while they trade balloon cards and pins.
Needless to say we has an amazing time. We met a ton of excellent people including Franz the cocker spaniel and some pink-haired jump-ropers and of course Braeden, the awesome red-headed kid who knew the name and date of every hurricane in the last 50 years. 
We got home and realized that what we came up with made absolutely no sense, so we asked our animator friends if they could help. They made a bunch if puppets and did some stop motion and now it makes even less sense."
Have fun in Bizarro Nalloonland!
Director: Michael Maxxis
Executive Producer:  John Nadalin/Michael Maxxis
Producer: Paul Bock
Editor Jason Grebski
Animation FX: Phillip Eddolls
Production Company: Rosemary Films
Label: Royal Mountain Records
Management: Royal Mountain Management

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