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Hexvessel - "His Portal Tomb" (Official Video)

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This is the exclusive new video for HEXVESSEL's "His Portal Tomb." The song hails from HEXVESSEL's second and latest album, No Holier Temple, released last week by SVART RECORDS.

With all music and lyrics written by vocalist/mastermind Mat McNerney, the video for HEXVESSEL's "His Portal Tomb" was directed by Marja Konttinen for Brutal Gardener, with source material from "Lot In Sodom" (1933) by James Sibley Watson. McNerney explains the concept behind the "His Portal Tomb" video:
"Images and inscriptions on Egyptian coffins magically place the mummy of the deceased at the centre of a miniature version of the universe. The body as a way in and out of existence. The tomb as a portal. Our mortal prison, where we're to endure the wrath of god and the punishment of angels. Jude 1:7 records that both Sodom and Gomorrah were 'giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.' I wonder what the sarcophagus would tell us, if he could recall his life of earthly pleasures?"

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