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Here Comes the Here Comes - "I'll Be Your Mirror" (Official Video)

Castle Face Records supergroup Here Comes the Here Comes cover the Velvet Underground & Nico's "I'll Be Your Mirror." 
Here's a note from the band:
"After Universal asked Castle Face to do covers of all the songs from the Velvet Underground & Nico record we divied up the songs amongst the bands. Matt Jones was up for producing 'I'll Be Your Mirror.'
He put together a little Castle Face all-star band with Mark Tester from Burnt Ones and Adam Finken from Blasted Canyons and Brigid Dawson from Thee Oh Sees. Reading the lyrics he thought it would be cool to have a kid sing it and Brian Lee Hughes' 13-year old daughter Cisca was in LA visiting from Copenhagen. 
She's recorded a song with Matt a couple years ago under the name Here Comes The Here Comes and the name stuck for this band too. The vid was shot in Denmark and featured Cisca and her crew of friends with some masks and a smoke machine and a strobe light in a mansion. Voila. "
Director: Brian Lee Hughes
DP: Frederik Jacobi
Producer in Denmark: Ada Bligaard
Producer in London: Tom Knight (Rokkit)
Production Companies: Skunk, Stink, Rokkit
Editor: Sam Ostrove (Cut & Run, London)
Edit Producer: Kirsty Oldfield (Cut & Run)
Colorist: Martin Sansom (Four Walls)
Colorist Producer: Toby Abbott (Four Walls)
Video Performers: Cisca Gia Hughes Øvlisen, Nadia Grillesen, Louise Clemmensen, VIctoria Holm Hansen, Victoria Szigethy, Mathilde Hillebrand
Original song by The Velvet Underground & Nico courtesy of UMG Recordings Inc. (1967) 

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