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Fat Tony feat. Old Money - "BKNY" (Prod. by Tom Cruz) (Official Video)

Fat Tony, Old Money and Tom Cruz's video for "BKNY" is a love letter to the wildness still in Brooklyn--Tony and his friends make a batch of Nutcrackers (just google them, they're great) and then party it up at the West Indies Parade, and then wake up seemingly with little to know knowledge of what went down. Keep an eye out for cameos by Kool A.D. of Das Racist, Nasty Nigel from Children Of The Night, and the Lord of Brooklyn Mr. MFN eXquire himself.

Oh! And we're having a party at The Flat tonight to celebrate the video's release. Fat Tony, eXquire, Kitty Pryde, Nasty Nigel, Lakutis, Cities Aviv and Dapwell will be DJing, which pretty much constitutes a cavalcade of awesome hip-hop people behind the boards tonight. Check the details below.

Directed and Produced by Ryan Muir
Photography: Ryan Muir, Jared Feldman, Ethan Moses
Post-Production: Ryan Muir
Asst. Editor: Jared Feldman

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