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Eagulls - "Nerve Endings"

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Eagulls gave us the very freaky new visuals for track "Nerve Endings", so we thought we'd ring them up for a chat about the concept for the video. But then it kinda descended into a conversation about severe anxiety and being accused of hoarding dead bodies. So a pretty normal phone call all in all.

Noisey: What is “Nerve Endings” about?
George: Say’s it on the tin dunnit. The song’s about anxiety, I didn’t really understand what it was and I had this horrible feeling all the time and then I found out I was suffering from anxiety. It’s a song about understanding it and trying to get rid of it sort of. 
How do you get rid of it mostly?
I haven’t really conquered it yet. Like this interview now, that’s anxiety.
What’s the whole melting brain thing about in the video?
We were just, like, brain-storming ideas, excuse the pun. We thought about a brain decomposing but then as they decompose, they bring life again with the maggots, so we thought it’d be a good idea to let a brain rot and then time-lapse it. On the tenth day of doing it, we thought the maggots had hatched by then and it would have been done by then, so we left for the Great Escape in Brighton. Just as we were leaving Henry called in to pick up the keys to our practice room and the tire shop next door was kicking off like, he told us “the fucking pigs have been round your house mate” and we were like  “why?” and he was like “the fuckin gas man came in a found a fucking brain down there”. He didn’t know so he just thought we had body parts down there and we were filming them, so he was sketching out. The police came when we weren’t there, it’s a bit of a mystery. 
So Eagulls are not getting charged with murder?
Nah, not yet!
Did they talk to you?
Well, when Henry came back he told us about the pigs coming in and we were like shit we never thought of it like that, I mean to an outsider I guess it does look a bit dodgy. Luckily, they didn’t move the cameras out of the way too much, all you can see in the video is a boot for a second. That didn’t really change things and the maggots hatched in the end.
Wait, so they never checked back on it?
Well that’s the bit we don’t get, I mean are the police that shit that they wouldn’t even talk to us? I don’t get it.
Has it ruined your faith in the police system?
Yeah mate, I’ve always a lot of faith in them, haha. They once came round our house after it got burgled and they said “sorry lads there’s nowt we can do about it”.
What happened to all the maggots?
Well they obviously hatch and then feed off the brain and then they just go back into the ground, it’s an old house so the actual basement floor is like gravel, the maggots just go into their settle in and hatch back into flies. I haven’t been down there since the video cause it fuckin stinks. 
What of?
Well...rotten flesh. 
Are the maggots gonna inspire any future songs?
I dunno, we’re not Slipknot. We’ll leave 'em be now. Maybe in the new house cause we’re probably gonna have to move after this cause it stinks. 
Cool. Thanks Eagulls!
Video directed by Plastic Zoo 
"Nerve Endings" drops September 30th via Partisan Records . You can buy it HERE

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