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Deniro Farrar - "Big Tookie" (Official Video)

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One of our favorite rappers out right now is Deniro Farrar, a Charlotte, NC rapper who blends sensitive-dude beats with raps that shatter the hardness scale, creating a menacing and oddly beautiful sound that's completely his own. He's linked up with director Anthony Supreme for the video for the Ryan Hemsworth-produced "Big Tookie" from his recent, beyond-solid tape 'The Patriarch.' Says Deniro of the video: 
"This is the hardest song out since "Straight Outta Compton." Hardest shit out this year, no question. My inspiration for this was a true OG, Stanley Tookie Williams, and I channelled him to let these fakes and lames out here know that 1) they are lying about most of what they are talking about and 2) they definitely aren't doing it like Big Tookie was. Ryan Hemsworth is a fucking genius, shouts to him for crafting the perfect production for this."
Producer: Ryan Hemsworth
Director: Anthony Supreme

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