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Black Lips - "Justice After All" (Official Video)

Happy Black Lips Release Day! Underneath the Rainbow, the band's spankin' new LP, is out TODAY (March 18th, 2014) and in celebration, the band have released the new video for "Justice After All," viewable above. We cornered director and Black Lips video mastermind extraordinaire Andy Capper about the clip to discuss Husker Du, VHS tapes and how the band is a "punk pre-Sgt-Pepper Beatles." 
You are a veteran of several Black Lips shoots, how did this one come about?
Suroosh was meant to direct this video but got called away to a very far away place to shoot with some very bad people so he passed it to me.
I think this is the fifth Black Lips video Ive made. The first ("Bad Kids") was when we stole a bunch of footage from riots in belfast and put a karaoke lyric prompter on top of it for "bad kids".
The last one I did ("Go Out & Get It") was on the inaugural Bruise Cruise which was shot mainly by Vice's Director of Photography Jake Burghart. It had a bit of a backlash in the garage rock community because it had a bit of a boy band feel as was shot all hi def, semi nude on a giant boat with girls in bikinis.
The video has a particularly old school look and feel, heavy on the grain and low on effects. Was the idea a sort of "back to basics" approach for the video?
I guess the inspiration for the look and feel of the video came from the Husker Du track "Don't Want to Know if You Are Lonely" which was shot on VHS. And so Danilo bought an old Panasonic from eBay and we mixed it with Canon c300 stuff. I wanted it to be a cross between the intimate home made VHS stuff and then have black and white widescreen steadicam shots, the feel of which I totally stole from the Lil Durk video of last year for "Dis Ain't What You Want".
Outside of the stylistic direction, what message did you want to convey with the new video? 
For this one I just wanted the band to be in their hometown, being themselves, hanging with pals and performing. For me black lips are like the punk pre Sgt Pepper Beatles. There is so much natural charisma that it makes them a joy to shoot. They haven't aged at all in the seven years I've known and worked with them. I think Cole looks even younger somehow.. I love em and I hope that shows through in the video.     
Taken from 'Underneath The Rainbow,' out now on Vice Records and available on iTunes.
Directed & Produced by
Andy Capper & Danilo Parra
Executive Producer
Suroosh Alvi
Black Lips family & friends, City of ATL, Max Cooper, Brent Hinds, Jamie Farkas, Kerry DarConte, Babyleg, Panasonic AG 450

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