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Action Bronson - "Easy Rider" (Official Video)

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We warned you, and now it's here. Check out "Easy Rider" above to answer all of the following important questions about the video:

Does Action do acid?

Does he fire automatic weapons?

Does he look like a hoss on a Harley?

Does he rip a guitar solo like Slash?
Of course.
Does he rhyme to the elderly? 
Sorry homie, that's this video. 

Check out the video for "Easy Rider" produced by Party Supplies and masterfully directed by Tom Gould. You won't be disappointed.
And be sure to leave any additional questions in the comment section, Action himself will be answering his adoring fans in a comment response video coming soon. 
Director- Tom Gould
Produced By- Travis Mitchell
Co-Producers- Dustin Highbridge, Brendan Fitzgerald
Cinematographer- Jake Burghart
Editor- Tom Gould, Jared Perez

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