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100s - "Brick $ell Phone" (Official Video)

With "Brick $ell Phone," 100s lays his mack down, breaking you off a flow filled with more pimpin' than a jheri curl in the summertime. A rapper hasn't laid his mack down like this since Snoop's last name was Dogg and Too $hort was telling "Freaky Tales." Catch the jewels he drops on this cut and you'll be a boss player in no time. 

100's would like to make a shout out to, "Everybody that contributed to Ice Cold Perm: J Folks, Joe Wax, Dreamcollabo, Main Attrakionz, Chippy Nonstop, Shady Blaze, Ryan Hemsworth, Chito, Bric, Retch, Stevie, Milly, and ASAP Mob, much love to JustOnTask for the title sequence.... And most of all shout out to VICE.com and Wilbert L. Cooper."


Stream 100s Ice Cold Perm. 

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