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Made in Denver - Ft.Tennis & Big Gigantic

Fresh from investigating the current state of Seattle's music scene in the first episode of Made In America, Noisey headed to Denver, Colorado to find out what was happening in a state that remains tied to terrible jam bands like The String Cheese Incident, Leftover Salmon, and Big Head Todd and the Monsters. We thought everyone would be hiking—to keep their legs primed for ski season—or smoking a lot of pot, but it turns out the denizens of Denver are seriously psyched about music. Electronica is on the up. And so are the sales of crystals. 

We hung out with beatmakers and identical twins Sherwin and Kendrick of Two Fresh, before joining them at local vintage arcade bar and party spot. Big Gigantic took us to their favorite venue and then we had an argument about dreads. Meanwhile, plans to go bike riding with bliss-pop husband/wife duo Tennis were scuppered by a pesky tornado warning and subsequent evacuation (read all about that here). Robert Schneider, leader of psych-pop crew The Apples in Stereo, might be more commonly associated with the scene in Athens, Georgia, but Schneider is Denver-born, so his insights were  also invaluable. Turns out even Tyler The Creator had an opinion or two about the city. 

As always this episode was directed by the inimitable Lance Bangs, with behind the scenes snaps by Angela Boatwright

Kim is an editor at Noisey and she's eating her way across the America this summer. Follow her on Twitter - @theKTB.



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