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Wavy Spice: "Bitch I'm Posh" Noisey Staff


It shouldn't matter that the 20-year-old Ms. Spice is hot as balls. Frankly, this song did the blog rounds back in May, waaaay before any visuals of her and her girl mates bumming around in bikinis ever emerged.

But anyway, the gloriously 90s beat is courtesy of Metro Zu's Freebase and is complemented perfectly by Spice's mind-numbing, but kinda comforting, chorus. That's not to say the girl doesn't have some weighty lyrical chops on her, having already been linked to A$AP crew, and putting out more serious-faced taster tracks like "Destiny". Anyway, all things point to the self-professed leader of "cunt-wave" becoming more than just a Tumblr fad.