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Here is an Exclusive Download of Team Spirit's New Track, "MRDR It's Ok" Noisey Staff


On April 9th, Ayad Al-Adhamy's power-pop bulldozer Team Spirit is dropping its self-titled debut EP on VICE Records. Here are a few things we know about it:

1. Each song will be accompanied by a video by Hannes Johannes. These are the Swedish wackos who made Team Spirit's "Fuck The Beach" video, which featured the band driving into a monstrous vagina.

2. Each video will connect to the next, making a complete short movie based on Michael Jackson's Moonwalker.

3. There's a song on it called "MRDR It's Ok," and we just nabbed the exclusive stream. You should press that little orange button below to listen to it, and you can download it right here.

And about that monstrous vagina we mentioned. Here's the video for "Fuck The Beach," which dropped on our YouTube channel a year ago: