Who Is Chippy Nonstop?

ui.general.by Nick Gazin


Chippy Nonstop is this short little dynamo from Oakland who makes hyper music. She's associated with Kreayshawn and Andy Milonakis and is a very together person. She's been hanging around New York this past summer and I was lucky enough to have her perform at one of my parties. She recently released a four song EP that she and her cohorts made in twenty-four hours. I like Chippy and I see her around but I really don't know much about her so I asked her about herself.

All photos are by me except for the one of her and her mom. Oh, and also, before you start reading, you should press that little orange button down there to stream her recent "Moneydance" EP. 

Noisey: How'd you get the name Chippy Nonstop? Judging from the name in your e-mail it's not the one your parents gave you.
Chippy Nonstop: [laughs] Yeah, it's not the name my parents gave me for sure. It wasn't a name I gave myself either. My friends just called me Chippy all the time because I ate a lot of chips. And I was always just hustlin' and pon da grind, so everyone was like "damn, Chippy is non-stop!" It was just my Twitter handle, until it became a thing.

It's 'cause you eat chips? You know it's also an outdated term for slut, right?
Yeah, it's literally because I eat chips. I heard like way after the fact that it meant slut. Well, fuck. I don't know, I ain't no slut!

You're the only person I know who talks about twerking, and post-crunk. Is crunk finally dead? Are you keeping crunk alive? Is this an Oakland thing I don't know about?
Crunk is alive. Twerking is alive. I don't give a fuck. I don't really know if it's an Oakland thing. I'm surprised that you think I'm the only person who talks about twerking, post-crunk, my whole Twitter feed is about only twerking and doing the money dance. 

What about hyphy? Is hyphy forever? Do you know Mistah FAB personally?
Hyphy is forever. Mistah FAB was suppose to be in the "Kicked Out Da Club" video, but he flaked. Yeah, I've met him before, plus he follows me on Twitter, so you know it's real. 

Are people comparing you to MIA?
I mean, I think people compare me to M.I.A..because I'm brown, I harass Diplo, and I make more of a dance sound verses a Hip Hop sound, which MIA did - but I think I do it in a very different way. I've had past ties with MIA, which also may be a factor.

What are those ties? Are there other Indian women in the rap/electro world that you like?
MIA isn't Indian. 

Oops, I knew that. She's from Sri Lanka. So you're in New York for the summer. What brought you out here?
I don't even really know. I just wanted to do it and I had been saving money to do something. I was just like, fuck it. I'ma do it and see what happens. I'm so glad I did, I've had the best summer ever!

Besides the money dance, what are you favorite moves to do when you're out?
I mean I have several moves, I like to do like salsa moves, and twerk! Duh! I really fucking want to learn how to vogue and read that bitch, but I suck at it. I think I'm not cunty enough! [laughs]

Can you walk around on your buttcheeks like this lady? 
Fuck, I wish! [laughs] 

How do your parents feel about having such a sexy kid?
My mom said her friends tell her she was prettier when she was my age! 

Can I see a picture of your mom?
Yeah for sure. Let me try and find her on Facebook right now… [two minutes later] I don't have any really old pics of her when she was like young, but I have this one of me and her. She looks kinda dumb in it though. [laughs]

Pretty mom! You also look pretty in this photo. How's your dad, is he also pretty?
[laughs] Thanks! =) He's aight. He got some pretty boy swag. 

What were you like as a young kid? Hyper? Lonely? 
I was a snarky ass witty cunt, but fun, and I danced a lot.  

How'd you get started doing music? Is what you're doing now you're first project? Do you have a name for your genre beyond hip hop?
I got started with music when Jesus spoke to me, and told me I was the second coming of Biggie. I don't even make hip hop - I make metal, pop, dancehall and reggaeton.

How involved are you with the production of your music? Who's in your team and what are their roles? How'd you get involved with those guys?
I'm very involved with production, I've never made a tape without being in the same room as the producer when making the beats and writing. We usually kinda bounce ideas back and forth about what to do with the beat, and then in the mixing process as well. I don't really have a team. On my last tape, DJ Twostacks and Grave Goods made all the beats together. I know Two Stacks because he made "Gucci Gucci" by Kreayshawn and Grave Goods is a friend of his.

Tell me about the "Money Dance" EP. How long have you been working on it?
Okay, so me and Two Stacks were in Philly we had just played Mad Decent Mondays the previous night. In the morning we were all delirious and hung over, so we went to go get Philly Cheesesteaks, because that's just what you do when you are in Philly, right? (To be honest, they weren't even that bomb.) Anyway, while we were eating them, we were like let's just make one insane EP over night. Make the beats, write, and record, all right now. So we did it. And now we have the epic EP #MONEYDANCE101.  

Wait, so money dance was done in one night? The whole thing?
Yeah, the whole thing was done in less than 24 hours. 

You were a journalist before you were doing music. How would you rate this interview so far? Do you have any pointers? 
It's pretty good. I'm enjoying it more than most. I like how you are more personable then most interviewers. Also, you say weird shit. [laughs] Nah, no pointers. Do you, baby boi.

 You do art and graphics too, right? I remember you telling me that you'd altered the Gorey art that you got tattooed on your shoulder. Did you go to art school? 
Yeah, I did. I'm in art school right now in the Bay Area.  

What are you studying at school?
Twerkology. Ummm nah, JK. Media communications/journalism. 

Well good luck with all that. See you around!