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Yuka Uchida From Trippple Nippples Is The Most Earnest Human On The Earth

Por Benjamin Shapiro


Last month our friends at Thrill Jockey and Antiopic announced a benefit effort to aid in the recovery of earthquake-stricken Japan. I was really impressed with this digital comp that they’ve put together. My admiration turned to curiosity as I wondered how indie rockers in Japan were pitching in to help the relief effort. My first thought was to email Yuka from Trippple Nippples. Although I’ve never met her in person, she’s always been warm and helpful when we discuss work-related matters. I asked her what she and her band had been doing to help out, and she replied with this incredibly earnest and forthcoming note. She asked that we reproduce it here in full: Hi Ben! We first went to volunteer for Second Harvest, an organization that helps the homeless in Japan. They were very quick to respond to the crisis. We went to their warehouse and helped them organize and pack clothes and food to send to the affected areas. At first we thought that sending money was the best thing, but after this experience we started to think that “things” were a lot more important in the days after the tsunami struck. People had nothing, and there were many places that hadn’t received food and support. Money will be handy afterwards, but right now the people need actual things. Last week we hosted a free charity show with Second Harvest. Everyone brought three things to donate to the people in need up North. We also have another project called “CHICHI MAI—Save Takeshi!” that we started before the earthquake. This is a project to save my dad because he is an alcoholic!!! Basically my dad is an amazing rice farmer and we want to help him sell his rice and make some money for retirement. Here is the rice packet text: Daddy Takeshi's 1000% Organic Rice
Swimming in an alcoholic ocean, 
Drowning in the love he lost a long time ago,
Life has been not easy for Takeshi. 
For a long time everything seemed stuck in a bottomless hole.

 Then one day I saw Takeshi standing in a rice field. 
Teamed up with 100 ducks, Takeshi started moving forward.
This is just a beginning.
Love this rice, and help Takeshi love his life again.
 "ChiChi" means "boobs" and "dad" in Japanese. We were planning on marketing my dad’s rice, but we changed out minds about giving him the money because he is in a better situation than all the people up North. They need more help than my dad—he can hang on a little while. We are planning on donating the money from my dad’s rice to help the people up North. We will take the rice with us when we tour Europe this April and sell it at our gigs.