This Guy Is A Better Dancer Than You

Por Josh Schneider


Character comedian and UCB alum Nathan Barnatt apparently showed up in character at an open casting call for Kimberly Cole's latest video and guess what? Dude totally nailed it! After posting his audition video Cole tweeted her approval offering him the actual gig! 

You may recognize Keith Apicary's (Barnatt's socially awkward but totally jiggy B-Boy alter-ego) sweet moves and sweeter wardrobes from videos like Yelle's "Comme Un Enfant (Freaks Remix)" and Madeon's "Pop Culture (Dance Video)" or you might recognize him from a few viral video ads for Skittles

Considering Barnatt's viral marketing history we can't rule out for sure that this whole thing isn't some clever little scheme but that doesn't make it any less awesome when Apicary blows the minds of some limber video ho's or when one aforementioned dancer candidly calls him a "retard."