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Square Wave - A Love Mix For Mr. Dibia$e

Por Abdullah Saeed


Unless you're real into this sort of thing, you probably haven't heard of Dibia$e, a producer from Watts, California who absolutely kills beats.

His records Up The Joystick and 2010's Machines Hate Me are some of the most hard-hitting 8-bit sounds to date, and Sound Palace and Swingology 101 call upon influences like Pete Rock, Diamond D, El-P, and truly build on those men's work.

Here's a mix of Dibia$e tracks from all his records that I know exist, except for the free release Green Llamaville which I can't get my hands on - Kim Dotcom's fortress seems completely impenetrable.

Note: I realize that I mixed in "Mega Gutta" twice--a mistake, but it's a dope track so why not.



1. "Clocked Out"

2. "Deep Winter"

3. "Weekendz

4. "Mega Gutta"

5. "Sun City"

6. "Circuit Breakin"

7. "Mega Gutta"

8. P.U.D.G.E. - "Satta Marijuana"

9. "Say Word"

10. "Applebeez"

11. "Eternia"

12. "Metroid"


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