Chris Brown Faked His Community Service Hours, and then Complained on Instagram About People Giving Him Shit For Faking Said Community Service Hours

Instagram Report


There are very few people who I'm 100% comfortable calling a douchebag on the Internet. Chris Brown is one of those people.

The latest incident in the ongoing PR nightmare that is Chris Brown's public life is that yesterday it came to light that the singer faked his own community service instead of just accepting his already-light sentence for assaulting his girlfriend Rihanna. Turns out Brown was actually kinda-sorta out of the country for some of the 1,400 hours he claimed to have spent volunteering at the Tappahannock Children's Center in Richmond, Virginia, and that he was only supervised on nine or ten occasions that he spent time at the Center. If Brown does not make up for the hours he faked, he will go to jail.

So, that's all good and well. But shortly after these allegations came to light, Brown hopped on his now-deleted Instagram feed (@chrisrealbrown, R.I.P.) to complain about how people keep treating him. Brown, who I'm now going to refer to as Chris "Real" Brown until the day I die, feels persecuted because people keep calling him out on his shitty actions. While it's true that most of us do not know Chris Brown personally and that ideally a person's art should be separate from their personality, every celebrity lives with a certain degree of performativity and people aren't gonna forget the super shitty things you do just because you want them to. In closing fuck Chris Brown, fuck Instagram and fuck the Internet in general.