A Place To Bury Strangers - 'Worship'

Por Gavin Haynes



Dead Oceans, 2012


    "Mind Control," "And I'm Up"

  • flavors:

    Aluminum, decaying flesh

  1. Alone
  2. You Are The One
  3. Mind Control
  4. Worship
  5. Fear
  6. Dissolved
  7. Why I Can't Cry Anymore
  8. Revenge
  9. And I'm Up
  10. Slide
  11. Leaving Tomorrow

Way back when, some friends of mine came up with an idea for a calendar series: 12 Classic Locations To Dump The Body Of A Dead Hooker.

For instance, January:



And so on. APTBS has always conjured up that sort of space very vividly. They seem to exist in these sort of under-imagined middleware places in modern life, between industry and decay, between man and nature, along the forgotten, moldering margins.

Album one was this: 

A sort of chemical waste processing plant with junkie needles in the smashed concrete; a sulfurous sludge that sounded like it was corrupting your very being with every treated snare it rammed down your gob. It was amazing.

Album two was a more like this:

Dark waves of marbled gloom washing over you. Dense, low-skied, but more ordered, structurally sound, awesome in the Edmund Burke sense.

Album three is a bit like this: 

More intricate, just as industrial, still built for night, but displaying worrying signs of possible modernity and optimism. I guess if they were talking pure interview bullshit, they might say that this was their "pop" album. It's cleaner, sharper, the scree of noise is more glassy sheets rather than an amorphous squall. It is, according to bassist Dion Lunadon, “Our vision of what music in 2012 should sound like,” and if you can imagine a future dystopian parallel to today where this is the mainstream, then you have just imagined something very cool indeed.