Sam Taylor's Fan Art


By Sam Taylor and pals

Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of Belle & Sebastian while I draw (don’t laugh, it calms my soul) and thought I’d do a drawing for them but that’s a weird thing to do, as their music is so twee (and beautiful) and my drawings are usually pretty slimy. I decided my best bet was to draw a Belle & Seb graphic as if they were some sort of Japanese metal band. I suppose that kind of thing is pretty cliché these days, with Urban Outfitters making every kitten meme they see into a Black Flag t-shirt but fuck it, this is pure, this is fan art. I asked a bunch of my friends and artists if they wanted to play around too and the results are pretty amazing.
Just like the Dipset article we did a few months ago it’s really cool to see how different people have interpreted this very, very vague ‘brief’. Charlotte has taken Drake’s inner spirit and placed him gently in the clouds, Jack Sachs has made Danzig look even weirder than he does in real life (somehow) and Sophy Hollington has done a fucking lino cut, so there’s something for everyone. 
Dirty Beaches by Bene Rohlmann www.pearpicker.de
Pantera by Cei Willis ceiwillis.tumblr.com
Drake by Charlotte Mei charlottemei.com
Goldie by Ellie Andrews ellie-andrews.co.uk
Led Zeppelin by Hattie Stewart hattiestewart.com
Behemoth by Ilk ilkflottante.com 
Danzig by Jack Sachs jacksachs.co.uk 
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone by Jay Wright jaywrightillustration.com
A Tribe Called Quest by Paul Layzel paul-layzell.com
Skepta by Sam Grubb wickedland.co.uk
Belle & Sebastian by Sam Taylor http://samtaylorillustrator.com
Selda Bagcan by Sophy Hollington sophyhollington.com 
Thin Lizzy by Tallboy tallboyart.com
Black Sabbath by Thomas Slater thomasslaterillustrator.com