Boiler Room's W Hotel Party Was Kinda Ridiculous


By Jake Lewis


So, our mates Boiler Room threw "the party of the year" Wednesday night, to kick off their "Do Not Disturb" parties in association with W Hotels. That's right...partying in a hotel room with an extra exclusive guestlist and DJ sets from some guys you may have heard of, like...

TEED B2B Friendly Fires
Jackmaster B2B Loefah
Jimmy Edgar B2B Machinedrum
Skream B2B Disclosure
Yup. And if that wasn't enough, the night culminated in everyone having a massive pillow fight with the likes of Victoria's Secret model Cara Delevingne.
Whutevs though guys, there's still VICE UK's 10th Birthday Party to come and steal your "party of the year" tiara yet!