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Bromance #12 : Panteros666 - BABY F-16 (Official Music Video)

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In an ideal Panteros666 universe, the shores would be inhabited by some gummy-looking CGI alien species and white/black-cloaked folk. “Baby F-16” is the latest release from Bromance Records directed by Panteros666 and Ines Marzat with computer generated work from Robin Etienne and Stephane Iwanowski. Yet, while the visuals are cropped straight out of sci-fi land, the track itself hovers in dance floor territory. That means a four-to-the-floor brew of sporadic female shouts and heavy 80s-mimicking synth hits that encourage your best mid-week fist pump. All while some goat-seal hybrid dry humps the rocks by the sea. 

Directed by Panteros666 & Ines Marzat
CGI Wizards : Robin Etienne - Stephane Iwanowski
Bromance #12 : Panteros666 - BABY F-16 
1. Panteros666 - Baby F-16 4'28
2. Panteros666 - Ωrbit (feat. @LILINTERNET) 3'24
Released by: Bromance
Release date: Sept 23rd, 2013
Catalog number: BRO-012


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