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PREMIERE: Pinkshinyultrablast Are Back With a Soaring Second Album, ‘Grandfeathered’


By Angus Harrison


If you’ve heard of Pinkshinyultrablast, then you’ve probably heard them referred to as “that really good Russian shoegaze band,” which is actually pretty unfair. Well, no, it’s actually completely fair. They are a shoegaze band and they are from Russia. Only, just as it would be pretty limiting to refer to Poliça as “that American synth-pop band”, there is a whole delicious world going on inside Pinkshinyultrablast’s music that words like “shoegaze” don't totally do justice to.

They sent a clear message of intent and ambition on their debut record Everything Else Matters, but it’s here on their second effort, Grandfeathered, that they really find their wings. It's packed with glittering pop-melodies, teeth-gnashing heavy crescendos, and delicately strung out alternative rock. From the deft-patters of “I Catch You Napping,” to the furious fuzz and stomp of “Comet Marbles,” it’s a record that plays the emphatic off the ethereal to devastating effect. Oh, and we’re premiering the whole thing here on Noisey, so you can listen below.