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If You Love Weed And Babestation This Video Will Blow Your Mind


By Noisey Staff


It's not every day you're sent a video that is so filled to the brim with ~vibes~ it moves you to hysterical tears. But that's just what DJ Haus, one half of Hot City and boss man at label Unknown to the Unknown, has done. Courtesy of DontWatchThatTV, the visuals for "Trumpet & Badman" are a triumph of Babestation, umm, babes wearing polyester dancing in front of an old Windows desktop with some artistic shots of weed in the background. Oh, and a young Arnold Schwarzenegger makes an appearance in there too. As does some pretty luxurious clip art. Yeah, I don't even know, but it's magnificent and if you don't like it you probably hate fun and have no friends.

If that's not enough, DJ Haus also took some time out to make us an accompanying mixtape that's also bursting with ~vibes~, featuring cuts from his label and a cheeky look-in from our faves at Kurupt FM. It's just vibes on vibes on vibes over here.

PALACE - "Dreamscape" - Forthcoming Hot Haus Recs
CURSES! - "So Good" (Marble)
No Artificial Colours - "Kry Wolf"
Prosumer - "House Banger"
Shadow Dancer - "Hydrate" - Forthcoming Unknown To The Unknown
Anil Aras - "1994"
Jess & Crabbe - "Big Booya 2013" - Forthcoming Hot Haus Recs
DJ Haus - "Trumpet & Badman" - Out now  Hot Haus Recs
Kodiak - "Egyptian Kings" - Forthcoming Hot Haus Recs
Trick Or Treat - "Fantasy"
Mc Beats & Sniper - "Get Out The Way"
Mr Virgo - "Jack In The Box"
Spooky - "Baby" (Flava D Remix) - Forthcoming Unknown To The Unknown
Equator Club - "Gotta Have It'

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