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Exclusive: Miguel Premieres His Trippy New Video for "waves"


By Noisey Staff


Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone, pack up the moon and dismantle the sun. The world's sexiest purveyor of butter smooth r&b jams is premiering his new video on Noisey, and it doesn't disappoint. I mean, it's basically a hallucinogenic journey to the dark heart of one extremely wild night in the club, soundtracked and starring Miguel - how could that disappoint?

Taken from his new album Wildheart, "waves" is about making such sweet sweet love that you come to represent the very waves of the ocean, which is pretty damn beautiful already, and that's visually realised in this new video with varying surreal scenes - including mirror rooms, 1800 tequila, deep sea symbolism, strip pong and J Cole - that all take place in and around a hedonistic club where Miguel is playing live.

Watch it all right now, and enjoy.