Become the Wu-Tang Clan's Unpaid Social Media Intern

By Drew Millard


Today on the internet, a post on CraigsList materialized from Wu-Tang Management (which, if you couldn't guess, handles the glut of the Wu's management as a group), seeking a social media intern. Read the post below.

Seems pretty dope, right? You get to post on all the Wu-Tang Clan's social media outlets! Including Ning, which is a social network that no one has heard of! For all of you scrappy postgrads out here, this seems like a dream opportunity. Who wouldn't want to impresonate the Wu-Tang Clan on the internet? Anyways, this seems great until you check the "compensation" part of the ad:

NO PAY. WHAT THE FUCK, WU-TANG CLAN??? While the Wu-Tang Clan may be nothing to fuck with, neither are labor laws. 

In closing, here are a pair of screen caps I took from the Chappelle's Show "Wu-Tang Financial" skit.


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