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The Ancients Celebrate Good Old Fashioned Freedom in the Premiere of 'Molokai'

By Noisey Australia


In their new video for “Molokai”, the Ancients, Jon Michell, and friend Monica Vecchiotti pay tribute to American freedom and royalty-free stock footage.

The six-minute sweeping guitar symphony is taken from the Melbourne psych-poppers 2013 album Night Bus and the video features bikers, open highways, babes on horses, and that great symbol of American freedom—the single dad.
Michell of course played in a band with one of the greatest names ever - Mum Smokes - so you’d expect his sense of humour to fall more towards the wry. 
Guitar solos, disheveled pop and HD footage of a guy riding a powered paraglider- welcome to the world of the Ancients. 
Celebrate freedom with the Ancients, the Twerps, and Krakatau at Boney in Melbourne on May 16.