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See All the Beauty Around You with Schwarz's "Open Up Yr Mind" Video


By Brandon Soderberg


Not as long and b-o-r-i-n-g BORING as the Lord of the Rings trilogy and much more erotic than those three Fifty Shades of Grey books, Baltimore producer Schwarz's #POSICLUB trio of tracks, which began with the hyper inspirational "U R Beautiful" last spring, and received its stunning sequel in the fall with the high energy "Tonight's The Night" (also premiered by Noisey) now culminates with "Open Up Yr Mind." THE TRILOGY IS COMPLETE!!!

"Open Up Yr Mind," features Schwarz's now signature Fatman Scoop meets Tony Robbins get-hype shouting ("EXAMINE THE WORLD AROUND YOU! LET IT ALL IN! COME ON!") along with a kind of drunk Timbaland beat and some DJ Screw slowed-up style spitting. Check out the video for Schwarz's "Open Up Yr Mind," shot and edited by Brooks Kossover and produced by Juiceboxxx's Thunder Zone Ent. and see a shirtless Schwarz screaming in front of TV static like some #BASED Max Headroom and rapping, yes rapping, shirtless at a basketball court and in the snow. FUCK IT IF IT AIN'T REAL FUCK IT IF IT AIN'T REAL FUCK IT IF IT AIN'T REAL [INSERT EMOJI EQUIVALENT OF AN AIR RAID SIREN HERE] THE TRILOGY IS COMPLETE!!!

Buy "Open Up Your Mind" on iTunes here.