Z-Machines, a Zima-Sponsored All-Robot Band, Are Terrifying

By Noisey Staff


A while back, we introduced you to Z-Machines, an all-robot band sponsored by Zima, that alcoholic sugar water that should be deader than disco but still is a thriving brand in Japan. While we offered a show review, we didn't give you the full Z-Machines experience. The full Z-Machines experience involves you watching a video of them perform, because it is TERRIFYING.

The idea that we have robots who can successfully pull of a fascimile of a concert is nothing new; anyone who has been to a Chuck E. Cheese knows that. But what separates Z-Machines from the rest of the animatronic pack is the horrifying degree to which they approach the real thing. The sense of dread you're probably experiencing right now is an effect of a theory referred to as the Uncanny Valley: the closer something approaches to the real thing without being the real thing, the more terrifying it is.

Anyways, this is an important advancement in the field of gear, and we look forward to when all of our bands are fully electric along with their guitars.