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The Video for the Wytches "Gravedweller" Will Scare You, Probably


By Noisey Staff


The video for “Gravedweller” opens like a suburban hostage video, the camera burping and fretboards fearfully quivering. The Brighton three-piece hold Toto from the Wizard of Oz toward the camera. From the acrid way Kristian Bell regurgitates “Gravedweller, make sure you bury me next to the family that resembles me” you should probably feel a little worried for the little dog’s safety. This is the kind of psych music that doesn’t serve bowls of pot pourri at dinner parties, instead taking surf rock, adding bilious riffs and pushing the drums down the stairs. The single will be released on Partisan Records, and will be given away as a free cassette at each of their upcoming shows.

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