Woman Drops $9M Case Against Justin Bieber for Damaging her Hearing Because People are Crazy but Not *That* Crazy

By Noisey Staff


Stacey Betts is a psycho.

You know Stacey Betts, right? No, probably not, but we’ll tell you about her. She is the woman who tried to sue Justin Bieber last year for allegedly damaging her hearing. And no, the Biebs did not walk up to Betts and yell in her ear, nor did he pour hot wax into her ear holes as she was asleep; she simply attended his concert.

Last year, Betts accused the singer of causing her tinnitus and permanent hearing damage that (allegedly) resulted from a concert she took her daughter to. Betts said that “the heart-shaped aluninum/steel gondola” that lifted the Biebs up like an angel “created a wave-like affect of screaming by pointing to various sections in the arena.” She also said Bieber made it worse by encourging his fans to scream. The psycho wanted the Biebster to chuck her $9 million to make things right.

LOL to the Maxi pad, Betts.

Imagine being a lawyer and having this case drop onto your desk. You’d assume it was a practical joke from the intern, fire him or her, and move on with your day. This obviously isn't too far from what actually went down, because today, NME reported that Betts decided to drop the case as no lawyer was dumb enough to side with her garbage case.

Sorry, Betts. Maybe next time, try attending a GWAR show. When you get slime in your eyes, you can sue them for your loss of sight.

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