Wolfgang Gartner Shows Us How He Was Made in a Minute

By Noisey Staff


In a single minute, Wolfgang Gartner explains how he evolved from Joseph Youngman, a raver kid with too many brightly colored accessories hanging from his wrist, to Wolfgang Gartner, one of the biggest house music producers in the world. Being a raver was more than just a trend that his parent's wished Joseph would grow out of - it was his way of life. And like anyone who is truly passionate about their art, Gartner decided to try to make a career out of it. It wasn't long before Wolfgang's dorm-run, parent-funded label and production studio was receiving enough cheques from distributors for Wolfgang to drop out of school. It also served as a reminder to Mr. and Mrs. Youngman that Wolfgang's rave-centric hobby was more than just a weird phase.

His new moniker came from the Cal Poly Mustangs men's soccer team and his musical style drew from all of his influences growing up. Now signed to Ultra Records and the Ministry of Sound, Wolfgang has rocked the crowd on all of the world's biggest stages at all of the most illustrious festivals, including Coachella, Ultra Music Fest, Sasquatch!, Electric Forest, and the World Electronic Music Festival. Dance music was a way for Wolfgang to break out of his typically reserved shell and open up to the world, and now it's his own music that serves as the soundtrack for listeners who are looking to do the same. That influence is heard world wide, due to his regional appeal in North America as well as across the pond, where he's been a featured guest on Peter Tong's BBC1 Essential Radio Mix.

Wolfgang Gartner's incentives to keep going are simple: he enjoys the omnipresent experience that comes along with performing onstage, and the fear of failure is constantly bored in the back of his mind, urging him to never stop. With a bevy of associated acts that include Deadmau5 and Kaskade, it's safe to say that failure won't be an option, so let's just hope that he never stops feeling like a god when onstage.