We Saw This: Kitty Pryde at 285 Kent

By Nick Gazin


Kitty, who used to go by Kitty Pryde, played inside of 285 Kent on Thursday. I was there with my camera hunting for a scoop. My ability to scope out scoops is how I got my nickname, "Scoops." The scoop on Thursday was Kitty, who played at 285 Kent. I was there. 

When I got there, Kitty was mid-performance already and the crowd was going full blown bazonkers for her. While she rapped she was hopping around the whole stage like an interpretive dancer exploring a space. Her boyfriend Hot Sugar was acting as DJ for her as she kept the crowd enthralled with her raps and banter, which mix confidence and vulnerability.

I spotted a handful of girls who clearly saw Kitty as their personal style icons. One even threw her halter top and bra at Kitty, which blew her mind. She was all "I can't believe it! This is the first time I've ever caught a bra on stage!" Later the girl came by to get her clothes back. I think if you throw your stuff on stage you have to have a back up with you, but everybody admired her spontaneity and tittays. 

Kitty performed the song she did with Riff Raff, which is made really funny by Kitty imitating a man's voice during Riff's part. She kicked off her shoes and walked around on her toes which I thought was cool. Kitty goes way past trying to get people to put their hands up and instead asks her audiences to pray to Bieber and they totally do it, which is some incredible crowd work. As soon as Kitty finished she ran to the edge of the stage, hopped off and then lay on the floor in a little ball. I wasn't sure if she was exhausted, emotionally spent or just cared about showmanship and thought it would be cool to disappear from view suddenly. 

Not long after she got off stage, these girls who kinda looked like they were trying to emulate Kitty zoomed over to meet her and Kitty and some other folks receded into the catacombs behind 285 Kent to get some fresh air and avoid the onslaught of well wishers. Nina Sky performed next and they were good. I hung out and danced around a little bit to dubstep while these girls were whipping their hair back and forth and stuff. Lakutis, DVS, Devin from DIIV, Pete from Anamanaguchi, and some other rad folks were around and everyone had a very nice time. I hope you have a nice time looking at my photos of the show. 


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