We Got a Quote from Lil Wayne About Kanye West's Company DONDA Making His Cover Art

Holy Shit

By Drew Millard


If it's kinda slipped to the back of your mind, about a year ago Kanye West went fucking goddamn crazy on Twitter and announced that he'd descended into the depths of human thought and had emerged clutching between his teeth a team of architects, graphic designers, directors, musicians, A&R's, writers, publicists, social media experts, app guys, managers, car designers, clothing designers, DJ's, video game designers, publishers, tech guys, lawyers, bankers, nutritionists, doctors, scientists, and teachers. That team was gonna be the next great creative company, and it was going to be called DONDA. You could apply to work for DONDA by emailing contactDONDA@gmail.com (I emailed the address for a comment on this story and received an auto-reply that my email would be "reviewed in a timely manner").

Anyways DONDA has done a thing, and that thing is the artwork for Lil Wayne's newest album I am Not a Human Being 2, due out March 26th on Cash Money/Republic. I asked Lil Wayne's team for a quote on working with DONDA, and his management returned with a quote from Wayne saying, "I have always admired Kanye West, both as an artist and as a creative, and have always enjoyed working with him. I respect the DONDA team and the unique visuals they have brought to my album." Source quotes! Yay!

I kind of take issue with the idea that it took the entirety of DONDA to come up with a picture of a red moth on a black background with the Parental Advisory sticker centered instead of in one of the corners. It's definitely cool artwork and indicates that this is a Serious Project, but this is maybe the work of a graphic designer, scientist, nutritionist, banker, video game designer, lawyer, publicist, as well as West himself. Still, I can only assume that West actually spent a bunch of 2012 setting the infrastructure for all the insane, innovative shit that DONDA is gonna release in 2013. The moth was only the tip of the iceberg, people.


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