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Watch WIN WIN's New Video, "Landloper"

By Noisey Staff


Step aside, weird omnipresent early-90s animated dancing baby; there's a new inexplicable archaic digital art video in town, and this 'net ain't big enough for the two of you.

In creating their new video "Landloper," electro-power-pop group WIN WIN combed through Google's 3D warehouse (whatever that is) for digital models to chop, screw, distort, and otherwise meddle with. As the band explains:

For the "Landloper" video, we mined Google's 3D warehouse for models of anything that exists on land, and some things that don't. We stuck them into Max/MSP/Jitter, Resolume, and Final Cut to shake them up into the results you see here.

For those of you who are anything like us and have little to no idea what this means, it doesn't actually matter, because you don't have to know how the sausage is made to take pleasure in its delicious meat-like byproducts.

Enjoy WIN WIN's delicious meat-like byproduct below, and download Smalltown DJs' remix of "Landloper" to give your diaper-swaddled animated baby something to dance about.

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