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Watch: Seoul - "Stay with Us"

By Stephanie Mercier Voyer


Downtown Tokyo is one of the most futuristically insane places in the world. Every square inch is covered with people on the go and seizure-inducing eye candy, and you can buy next to anything you want in a vending machine (think canned bread, panties, beer and eggs), which is what the future is supposed to be like, right? But like any major metropolis teeming with millions of people in a rush, shit can get pretty boring and lonely. Montreal-based ambient-pop trio Seoul’s debut music video "Stay With Us" addresses the disconnect that exists between being physically close to millions, all crammed in one subway train, and yet feeling so alone. It’s pretty beautiful if you ask us. The video’s climatic 360° scene, where model Jennifer Nakayama hazily sways, was shot on the busiest intersection in the world, as if to prove Seoul’s point,  no one gave a fuck about the crew running around in circles. Stay With Us is taken from Seoul’s forthcoming dreamy airy pop debut LP, I Become A Shade. Feel free to download the track here.

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