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Watch Moones' New Video, "Universal Remote Control," and Get Their Free EP!

By Jamie Manelis-O'Donnell


Photographed by Diane Betties

London indie-electro trio Moones has no problem making you question your place in the universe. They’ve created an original breed of synth-driven dance-pop where it’s completely justifiable that—you know—their song might end up on a jukebox and you might have had a few too many soda waters and you just might just feel better if you dance it out by yourself. But these English lads aren’t new to creating music that unleashes repressed emotions and dance moves. Laurent Barnard founded the punk outfit Gallows and Ollie Kristian was in the folk-pop band Tthe Leisure Society, so your ears are in good hands.

Moones forces you to indulge in voyeurism, except you’re playing "peeping Tom" to the strangest people on the planet, and for whatever reason, they might make you want to throw up or yell or cry or whatever you do. You just do you and we don’t have to talk about it, okay? Just watch the video—it will all make sense. 

Also, the cover art for their free EP Better Than Ice Cream is probably, most definitely a vagina, so that’s cool.

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