Watch Martin Shkreli and His "Goons" Threaten Ghostface Killah

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By Dan Ozzi


Martin Shkreli, the pharmaceutical price-jacking, Wu-Tang album-owning dicknose has taken his performance art of a man desperate for attention to the next level with this new video on TMZ. In it, the miniature mogul escalates his ongoing beef with Ghostface Killah to an absurd degree, employing the use of his masked gang of three goons who he definitely hangs out with all the time and not just for this video.

At one point, Shkreli threatens to delete the secretive Wu-Tang album and “to erase him from the history books of rap.” He also demands Ghost present him with a written apology from the heart.

“Don’t ever fucking mention my name again,” he says into the camera, holding a fine glass of wine in his skinny lil fingers. His assertiveness dwindles as he continues: “Or it’ll be… there will be… more… more of a price to pay than just this video. I’m out.” Yeah. So... take that, Mr. Stark.

We’re thinking the next step for this is RAW. Mark Noisey’s words, within the next month, Shkreli will make an appearance on Monday Night Raw. Or Ghostface runs him over with his car. One or the other.

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