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Watch Mac DeMarco's New Video for "Ode To Viceroy"

By Noisey Staff


Oh, Mac DeMarco. How can you not love this guy? He writes crooning, soothing tunes suitable for everyone (even your Grandfather), but when the Montreal-based musician gets on stage he’s a monster, a total ham bone and he oozes sex appeal (or maybe that’s just semen?)

Two weeks back, we saw Mr. DeMarco do this thing at the M For Montreal Festival and we loved it. He had his girlfriend up onstage, and at the end of the set they fell backwards into the crowd in a lovey-dovey crowd surf. DeMarco has blown up ever since he went solo and got a backing band of equally lovable clowns. Rock 'n’ Roll Nightclub showcased a slightly goofy, albeit meta-joke to the world while his latest album, Mac DeMarco 2, takes a more serious note, while staying the typical Mac course.

Yesterday, DeMarco dropped his latest music video for his song “Ode to Viceroy,” a love ballad for cheap Canadian smokes. Maybe this is DeMarco’s attempt to get free cigarettes, or at least become the spokesman for the brand. Or perhaps he does genuinely love the tobacco? Most likely, it’s another inside joke DeMarco is playing with himself and his fans.

The video was directed by Jasper Baydala and features a series of fuzzed, scratched, fish-eye lens shots of DeMarco driving and smoking, sleeping and smoking, eating and smoking, smoking, smoking, smoking, smoking. Do it for the kids, Mac.