Watch Danny Brown and A$AP Rocky on Kathy Griffin

By Noisey Staff


The image you're looking at above is not photoshopped. It is a picture of A$AP Rocky lovingly suckling upon Kathy Griffin's breast, and it was taken from Rocky's and Danny Brown's (cackling in the lower left-hand corner) appearance on the Kathy Griffin Show last night on Bravo. By all accounts the episode was weird, wonderful, and, um, sexual. Watch two segments from the show below (via Bravo), and we'll be watching the Internet like feral hawks for more footage of the show to leak.



In the mean time, watch the Noisey Back & Forth segment that inspired it all, as well as read Kitty (née Pryde)'s livesnarking of the entire episode.

And if you missed it, Bravo will be re-airing the episode tonight at 3am, and Sunday at 6am.

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