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VOTE: Visions Of Trees In The Running To Support Primal Scream


The last time we mobilized you, our loyal Noisey army, to support one of our featured artists, España's Lourdes Hernàndez (aka Russian Red) took home the MTV Europe Music Award for Best Spanish Act. Now, we're calling on you to flex that rippling, veiny democracy again and help London witch house outfit Visions of Trees earn a spot in an exclusive UK gig with Primal Scream!

Levi's just launched their new "Craft of Music presents" project, with which they host a concert and give fans the chance to vote on various aspects of the show (Hmm, that sounds a lot like SPECIAL ENGAGEMENTS, sans the livestream). On November 10th, prolific Scottish psych rockers Primal Scream will be joined at London's Levi's Regent St. by one of six up-and-coming acts: Swimming, Nedry, Dry the River, Let's Buy Happiness, Worship, and Visions of Trees. Some might call it a genre clusterfuck, but we won't because that would be rude.

So if you want to help Visions secure their place on the bill and earn some karma points, hop on over to the Levi's Craft of Music website to cast your vote (you have to login with Facebook, but it's okay; Levi's probably won't do anything with all those photos you made private when your aunt added you.