Twerking and Teen Dreams at Kitty Pryde, Chippy Nonstop, and Lina Loves It "Candy from Strangers" Party


By Nick Gazin


Last night, Kitty Pryde, Chippy Nonstop, and Lina Abascal (AKA Lina Loves It) threw a big party at 285 Kent called Candy from Strangers. I was there as the opening DJ, and also I took photos. When I showed up, the three hosts were eating chips at a table in the center of the club surrounded by inflatable pool toys, markers, and baskets of candy. At the front merch table, there were do-it-yourself name tags. I decided to call myself "Pictureplain" because of my ugliness. 

I started my DJ set and played some Italo disco and transistioned into trap once people had begun to get through their second round. At first, the crowd seemed really tame, but they started flipping out as soon as I put on Kendrick Lamar. My DJ shift ended right as the party shifted into high gear.

Heartsrevolution played first and they were a lot of fun. Then, Kitty and Chippy performed with a couch on the stage. They were joined by Lakutis and some guy who I think just decided to grab a mic and start rapping while Chippy was off getting a drink.

People tossed around inflatable animals and also tossed around Chippy Nonstop. After a big sweaty show, Pictureplane took over DJing and played some ravey stuff before going back to just playing trap, which is what people (apparently) love so much. 

There'll be another one of these parties in two weeks if you missed this one. Please enjoy my photos.



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