T.I., LL Cool J, and Hugh Jackman Rapping "The Music Man" Together Is a Thing That Exists

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By Drew Millard


I think I speak for the entire universe when I say that the last thing we expected at last night's Tony Awards was to see Hugh Jackman rap—serviceably!—alongside T.I. and LL Cool J, especially when the song they are rapping is the opening number from "The Music Man." It makes sense that LL Cool J, a rap legend who abandoned shame around the time his head seemingly fused with a Kangol newsboy cap, would consent to this, but T.I.? It's a testament to just how motherfucking cool T.I. truly is that he manages to make this work despite the gale-force winds of corniness swirling around him. Anyways, we've got trouble in river city. Trouble starts with a T, that ends with an I, and that stands for T.I., and you should watch T.I.'s extremely good "About the Money" below, because it features Young Thug and is much, much better than the video above.




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