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Stream 'The Whole Buffalo,' Bad Credit No Credit's New Record

By Benjamin Shapiro


[Ed. Note: Full disclosure here, I'm friends with some members of this band, and the girl who did the artwork. In fact, Noisey editors are friends with a lot of the bands we feature on this site. That might leave some less popular readers pissed that we write about our friends. Some may call this "logrolling." We here at Noisey and VICE prefer to think that our friends are cooler than yours, and that discriminating against them just because we drink beer with them at night violates as many journalistic rules as featuring them. That said, we also have a lot of friends in shitty bands, and we'll never waste your time with those jokers. Back to business.]

I don't usually endorse bands with horns, because they remind me of when I was into embarrassing third-wave ska bands. But sometimes a horny act catches our attention, as is the case with Brooklyn seven-piece Bad Credit No Credit, and we have to rep them. Hard.

Bad Credit No Credit is led by the insanely charismatic Carrie Anne Murphy, who works at a kitchen supply store by day and tears the shit out of a saxophone by night. She can also scream and yelp louder than most no-wave pretenders out there. Her band is a mixture of punk and skronky jazz and a bunch of other odds and ends, augmented by Murphy's politically and socially conscious lyrics.

The group just released it's first record, The Whole Buffalo, which was funded entirely by Kickstarter. You can listen to it below, and be sure to check out the fantastic cover art, painstakingly crafted by New York artist Julia Norton.



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