SPIN Definitively Ceases Print Edition, Subscribers Get Free Subscriptions To Car And Driver As Hilariously Shitty Consolation Prize

By Noisey Staff


We're pretty sure there's some sort of hard-and-fast rule in the Journalism World where every other publication is your enemy and if they meet their demise you're supposed to dance on their grave and sing songs about their murderers, but this is just fucked up. At this point, it was pretty clear at this point that SPIN—probably the last music magazine that was widely read, cared about actual good music and featured great writing—was done for as a print entity. They'd been bought out by the insipid and insipidly-named Buzz Media, whose first act as SPIN's new overlords was to lay off a shit-ton of people and then cancel the magazine's final issue of 2012.

Though Buzz Media had made vague promises to bring back the magazine in some way, shape or form, it's looking less and less likely that they will do soThe Daily Swarm reports that recently SPIN subscribers were sent an issue of Car & Driver with a letter explaining that while they wouldn't be getting any more issues of SPIN, SPIN subscribers could look forward to "the same insight and passion for cars" that SPIN displayed for music. This is entirely speculation, but we'd say that SPIN subscribers are going to respect Car & Driver's passion for cars by throwing it away without opening it. This only makes sense as a cynical move on the part of Car & Driver to increase their circulation so they can sell more ads in their car magazine about cars.

This isn't completely terrible, as SPIN has been killing it as a website recently, but it's definitely a pretty intense sign that print is dead. Eh, fuck it we're a website anyway.