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Here Are Some Ridiculous Photos From Our Second Special Engagement, With Holy Ghost!

By Benjamin Shapiro


So we've been known throw gigantic shows all over the world. We've also been known to drag monolithic photobooths up the stairs and through the back entrance of the club, and then push them into some ill-used corner of the dance floor. These photobooths are about as heavy as refrigerators, but you end up with a snapshot of, say, a bunch of kids in Germany raging out before, during, and after Holy Ghost! took the stage. We figured since we broadcast that show around the world, we might as well broadcast the photographic documentation.

So here it is. A bunch of lovable Berlin kids on a good night out.

This girl's got a CREW badge on, which leads me to believe that she's somehow involved with this whole thing, but she's dancing like she just yanked it off of some stressed-out crew member's neck. Also, the Euros she just found on the dance floor are literally falling out of her perfectly-faded Carmine Pink Mickey Mouse hoodie. If you see someone like this at a show, buy her a drink immediately.

It could go either way for these two. Let's be honest: he's rocking a my-first-S.H.A.R.P. starter kit and she looks a little repulsed about his gently hovering hand over her shoulder. But they're the only couple at the show that can have a conversation about Quadrophenia, Jesus Tour-era Klaus Kinski, and Pottery Barn.

You know those moments in life where you score so effortlessly that you get to break the fourth wall and address the viewer? That's every weekend for Bjorn over here.

Here's some more of our faves from the photobooth. And be sure to check out the Director's Cut of Holy Ghost's amazing performance.